September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


 The city express news hit the airwave today 20th April 2021 with official lauching at OSE GOLDvHotel and Suit at Baruwa area of Ipaja Lagos.

The CEO/Pulisher Prince Bar. Sunny Ebhojiaye recollected the historical background and the motiveof the online Newspaper.

He added thatthe online newspaper will ensured the apprehention of the principles of dissemination of Newa without biase.

He stated further that the online News will reinvent investigative journalism, it will be religiously objective, constructive and interactivewith balance of News reportig under all circumstances.

He stated further that News, in al sectorsof the society will be lavishly feature grassroot, regional, nation and international.

He claimed that the News online will showcaea all ranifications of the entertainent, business and sports in geeat 


He stressed that personal comments, opinions and viewpoints in the form of lethers to the editor, articles and interviews will be of importance traditionlly.

The news online will be nurtured and edited by himself, who had at various times hold key editorial positions in both print and electronic media.

In conclusion, he informed the audience the coming of of online Television show in the shortest time



Isumah Sat king.