September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


 When the grace if God is with you, whatever you do  and wherever you go the favour of God will follow you.

This is what many people misunderstood and portrayed as debolical means I used to arrest armd robbers, kidnappers, boko harans herdmen etc.

These people people failed to study my modus oparandis and boys I work with. It is only a lazyma that complained of his tools.

I sorts for intelligent. dedicated, sincered are ready to work without suppervion. When results stated coming, they attributed it to debolical neans.

Abba Kyari as a oerson is not an Island, I am a person who hold lectures with boys, ask questions and suggestions from both seniors and junior ones. 

I take my boys as one family without discrimination. I do attends naming ceremonies if my boys whenever their wivies give birth.

There is nothing like debolical means of arresting criminal, rather, create a good relationship with your boys  and you will succeed.

By Isumah Sat King.