September 29, 2023


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police assures safety of lives and property

Parents have a great role to play in molding the characters of their children to make sure they are better citizens.
Towards they should mould their character from infancy and always correct as they grow up, as this will help them not to join bad people
This is the submission of the police DPO in charge of Sango-Otta, Chief Superintendent of Police, Godwin Idehai while speaking with our correspondent on efforts of the people in checking crime in the area.
He said due to surveillance and adequate patrols, crime rate has gone down considerably in the area. CSP Idehai said all the black spots areas and the Sango flyover underbrige are constantly on surveillance
He said there was no room for the activities of bad boys in the area as anyone caught will face the law.
The police chief believes the value system of the people has been eroded as many can do anything in Order to get money, stressing that some parents do hand over their children to Yahoo boys for training