September 27, 2023


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Clarion call to NLC

May Day, which is the first day in the month of May is a significant day to workers in the world as they share solidarity with one another. Many governments in solidarity with workers usually declare public holiday to identify with workers.

In Nigeria, workers usually have solidarity rallies where labour leaders and government officials address them.
In the last couple of years , an average Nigerian worker has not find it easy as many have lost their jobs while many are doing menial jobs that could not sustain them with their families. Inflation has eroded the pockets of many as cost of living soars high everyday.  In the midst of these, many states governments have refused to pay the 30thousand naira minimum wage, while most private companies result into casualisation of workers.
The high percentage of unemployment in the country and indecent use of workers should be of interest to the Nigeria labour Congress. But what do we have, workers lot seems not to be of paramount to the body as workers continue to suffer one form of deprivation or other.
An example is the lots of many pensioners in the country. Many are dying due to poor health due to unpaid pensions, while many have  not been able to receive their gratituty which made them to become beggars in order to survive
The Nigeria Labour Conress needs to wake up from its slumber and see that an average Nigerian worker is better remunerated and accord his rights. NLC also needs to get its acts together and engage the government headlong in its determination to increase the fuel price
Any further increase in the price of fuel will compound the woes of nigerian workers.
May Day should not be seen as a necessary ritual every year but a day Nigerian workers should be able to be proud of.