September 29, 2023


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HOW GOD ARRESTED ME. -Servant Victor David

When Jonah in the bible was called to serve God and refused, but when he ends up in the belle of a whale, nobody advised him to adhere to the call.

A servant of God, the general Overseer of Christ Chosen Tabernacle, majoring on the gift of prophecy, evangelism and healing, raised in christiandom diviated to the worldly life, little did he know he can only run but can not hide.
The now servant of God, Pastor Victor Ematele said ” I have been in the world having night clubbing, when I arrested by the power of God through the power of the Holy spirit.”
He confessed being a lover of music but diverted it to the world instead to God. 
He admitted ” since the arrest the zeal of God took a dramatic turn he has not justbeen the same again”.
He stressed that no one can have encounter with God and remain the same. He added he has been ordained as pastor for the work of God.
He attributed his love of music to earlier christian life before going to the world.
In an interview with City express news crew led by the publisher, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye said ” I never regretted coming into the banner of God.  I have been able toq used my christian life to elleviated the suffering of the less priviegies in Ogun and Lagos  by assisting in enrolling them into schools”
He stated further  ” I have lauched a non 0rofit organisation called “Christ Chosen Tabernacle Poverty Alleviation” to help the less privileges one in Ogun and Lagos States”.
He concluded ” I will do more as the spirit of God keep him till Christ comes”
 Isumah Sat Ojie.