September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


When two Elephants fight, it is the ground and glasses that suffered. That is the scenereo hap lovepening in Imo State.

The fight between Governor Hope Uzodimma and Senator Rochas Okorochas has brought the developments in Imo State to a standstill.
Governor Uzodimma has lost the total concentration in the administration of the state, thus, lacking behind in moving the people of Imo State forward. In other hands, Senator Okorochas representing a senatorial district in Imo State failed to performs his duties as a senator.
Their rift degenerated when who is to govern the State started. Okorochas being the out going governor wanted to installed his son inlaw in his place instead of Senator Hope Uzodimma.
The chicken came to roost when Senator Uzodimma worn and became the governor of Imo State. Ever since, the people of Imo State have not known peace and developments eluded them.
Senator Okorochas recently was arrested and charged to court over allegedly enriching himself and his family with Imo State money.
Senator Okorochas in his camp is not lying low, rather he resulted to verbal words. He said “Governor Uzodimma humiliated me and I want justice, Imo Star is greater than any individual” 
He added ” Governor Uzodimma is an infant, a terrible Governor that has put not only Imo State but also the entire Nigeria into suspense” Senator Okorochas stressed further ” Governor Uzodimma is the first Governor to humiliated  his former governor of his State”.
Senator Okorochas stated further ” Governor Uzodimma recently arrested his party member and costed the man to be charged to court”. The former governor, now a Senator was furious while speaking to City Express News correspondence in Abuja recently.
When City Express News correspondence seeked the response of the crisis from some indigences of Imo State in Lagos, Mr. Agaga Anthony said ” Senator Okorochas has disappointed and failed woefully in Imo State and generations unborn”
He added  ” Governor Uzodimma is neither the messiah of Imo State” . According to Anthony ” both Okorochas and Governor Uzodimma are both failures in Imo State” . 
In same vain, Mr. Philip Anyawum claimed ” the two political gladiators in Imo State are power drunk, they are only fighting for their selfish interest”.  He stressed further ” Governor Uzodimma and Senator Okorochas are the worst governors that have ever ruled Imo State.
As the fight gets interesting and no one is ready to shift his sword, Senator Okorochas is claiming ” Governor Uzodimma have no respect for me, I am ready to work for his impeachment. I am the number one man in Imo State and the custodian of Imo/Igbo man face in Nigeria” .
Senator Okorochas said ” I will like to know the power and authority Governor Uzodimma have to arrested and detained me. What arrogance, imprudence and insult” Okorochas queried. “I  would like to know the person backing Governor Uzodimma” Okorochas asked.
As the fight is becoming rough, the people of Imo State  are the one feeling the heat. The fight has taken both parties from performing their social responsibilities. The people of Imo are asking them to wake-up to their responsibilities and forget their personal interest.
The people of Imo State want to enjoy the dividens of democracy for the betterments of the youths and the children on born.
ISUMAH Sat. Okie.