September 29, 2023


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I have kissed over 200 Actress on stage this year – jimi iyke

Shocking True Life Confession of Super Star’s Romantic, Kiss and Sex

Nollywood bad boy, JIMI IYKE versatile chat has  opened up how he had kissed not less than 200 actress in one month while on different movie sets.
The Nollywood play boy and controversial actor said he has a habit of kissing beautiful women . He narrated a situation where he had to kiss three European ladies who accompanied his girlfriend to the airport to welcome him during one of his trips to Europe, adding that he does not see anything wrong with it and being romantic to opposite sex.
JIMI IYKE has a passion to kiss over one million in a year for him to set a record in Nollywood Entertainment Industry.
‘I feel blessed being so much gifted of multitalents.’ Kissing is my most cherished hobby. Lover Boy Jimi Iyke painted another scenario where he has to kiss four actress in the presence of their boyfriends . 
I have once kissed them on set without impunity and so when I walked into the room where two of them were with their boy friends, I kissed them with passion and after the other, which made their boyfriends to be mad at me.
I have also courageously kissed over 200 actresses on set to my satisfaction and nobody is talking about it because I am a grand master of kisses, romantic and sex maniac.
Any woman I kiss must be aroused for sex. As a man I control myself and libido. I have beautiful and curvy ladies with figure 8 he enthused.