September 29, 2023


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Abass Obesere Sets OSE GOLD Hotel On Fire With Egungun Be Careful.


Alhaji Abass Akande a.k.a Obesere Fuji undisputed music legend and his band thrilled the audience with his latest album titled Egungun be careful at the prestigious OSE GOLD HOTEL AND SUITES in  Lagos .No 15 Apostle Soyinka street Baruwa, Ipaja Lagos State. Obesere had a wonderful time entertaining guests as they sprayed him money raw cash continuously, it was a specially dedicated to loyal customers who thronged there to  welcome OSE GOLD HOTEL and suites chairman and chief executive officer LUCKY EWALEIFOH EHINOMHEN who came back from Italy  based to Nigeria, Lagos State.

The Nigeria Police Force welcome the young millionaire back to his hotel with 21 guns shots salutes.
The legendary Fuji king Abass Obesere threw some fuji vibes into the mix Egungun be careful was a sumptuous thrills, jigs, dance all dinner banquets for hospitality spot lovers. The fuji music ambassador and movie actor was at his best performance when OSE GOLD HOTEL boss stormed the stage to sprayed him Dollars and Naira. Lucky Ewaleifoh Ehinomhen was dressed with italian mafia blue trouser , shirt and caps outfit and looked really elegant, adorable and amazing as always. Over fifty (50) Esan people of Edo State music lovers were there to supports him and cheers him up.

It was a day aim to celebrate the handsome lucky man OSE GOLD HOTEL chairman back to Nigeria after long stayed in Italy . Abass Obesere called the night of Tunu Awe entertainment. Speaking to  CITY EXPRESS NEWS  CREW, Obesere confessed to Editor in Chief Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye that, he had a wonderful performance.

 It was like OSE GOLD HOTEL is a foreign country compered to Hotels in Oversea, no doubt, much of what he saw  in the three star hotel and  attraction, apart from a beautiful setting environment, OSE GOLD is one of the best hotel in Nigeria.