September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


When Gov. Nasir El Rufai took

 the leadership of governorship in Kaduna state, little did he foreseen the turn around of events confronting him today.

He inherited a large sum of workers who are not productive to the state, but only report for duty few days to the end of the month or few days after for collection of salary.
This working system only bulged down to sharing of national cake from the federation account. To El Rufai and other governors believed it is a normal things,  until the big elephant killed and kept at Abuja for sharing has be consumed.
Presently, among the governors, it is only Gov. El Rufai that come to the realisation of the end of meat from Abuja. Father Christmas (Presidency) could not fulfilled the usual obligation to share money and Gov. El Rufai  need to meet up with his responsibilities to the state.
Gov.Nasir is not a seasoned politician, according to him in his book ” Accidents Public Servant) he came into politics when he was appointed minister of federal Territory. The rules of politics ” sit in your office without making any changes till your tenure elapsed, is not in his character”. 
Few years in his administration, he find out it is difficult to turned around things in the state. Eventually, when the falcon can not hear the falconers, it done on him to look into the large numbers of teachers in the state. He discovered the numbers of unqualified teachers and layed them out.
To reduce unwarranted payment of redundant workers, he took the total working staff in the state only to see their redundancy and sacked them, hence the case in question.
The scenerio in Kaduna State is a replica to all states. From Borno to Cross River, Edo to Kebbi, Oyo to  Bauchi state are facing the cash crunch.
Gov. El Rufai’s action is like a cancer in puberty stage that requires an urgent attention. The action of Nasir should not be regarded as witch-hurting. Dialogue should be the father of the day. Let parties come to a round table to agreed and move the state further. Gov. El Rufai calling for the arrest of labour protesters is not the way forward. Both should sheave their  sword and listen to third party in this matter.
Sickness that will kill should not be shifted. Many Gov. knew of this problem and they are refusing to face it.