September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


The security situation in 
 Nigeria have gone beyond President Buhari and his cabinet. The situation have deteriorated and there is need to look for helping hands from the old bridges.
The likes of Mustafas, Omeakas, Nyiams Umokoros etc, will be a good hands, if we can forget the alleged negative reports about them. Hamza, the former chief security officer to late General SANNI Abacha controlled all the security network during that period.
In one of the papers he delivered after his release on security, he said ” when a wound is allowed to go deeper, pain is the only means of getting it out”.
The present security situation in Nigeria is an injury caused by violence, a situation which can be described as a war situation.
Major Hamza stressed further that since “Nigeria is in pain, she must be restored on the course of progress and development “.
He added when you are given a responsibility (service chiefs) despite how powerful or influence ” once you identify negligence in the arts of managing your security, you should get ride of them, no matter who they are.”
He admitted that “if you are no longer valuable in promoting peace, security and unity in the land, you can not be entrusted with the responsibility”  
He pointed to the heads of security agencies in the country to wake-up to their responsibilities and provide security in the land.
Hamza adviced that “Bolo haram, herdsmen and kidnapping should not be fought in a conventional military ways, rather when one you have insurgency leading to low intensity conflict, in any country, the obvious thing is to maximize information and secrecy”. 
He raised some questions about the fight against insurgency “weapons seized for many years,where are they? who is using them? where ae they been taken to? how many are these weapons and who is using them today.” questions and questions.
He stated further ” information and secrecy is the best weapon to fight insurgents. But sabotaging the war can be not ruled, based on ethnicity, religious loyalty, politics etc.” 
Major Mustafa said we should take the love of our nation first before any other things. All necessary materials both weapons and finance should be made available to the officers and men to boast their morality.
He advised Nigerians to Unite to fight this urgly criminals ravaging the country.