September 29, 2023


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Sango Otta, a city in Ogun State could best be described as the commercial capital of the state as a result of the large numbers of companies and commercial activities. Its closeness to Lagos has attracted many companies to established  industries in Sango-Otta and its environs thereby bringing about the influx of people to the area.
However all these good benefits which are considered to be an advantage is not being utilised well as the area is bereft of good roads. The Lagos- Abeokuta road which passes through Sango is  nothing to write about as its bad condition is always a headache to commuters. The condition is better imagine whenever it rains.
Due to the chaotic traffic problems in the area an overhead bridge was constructed several years ago to alleviate the traffic situation but considering the daily happenings at the roundabout under the bridge it could be said much needs to be done to bring orderliness to the area.
Daily, it motorists spend hours to navigate the roundabout as a result of heavy traffic. A driver Mr Mukaila Anifowose who plys Sango to Ifo said the traders who have taken over the roundabout  areas are also part of the problems as they use their wares to block part of the roads. 
He called on the Ogun State Environmental Officials to be alive to their responsibilities and ensure that erring traders are arrested.
It is also observed that the traffic officials of Ogun State Command (TRACE) are not alive to their responsibilities . It is observed that many of them are busy collecting bribes from motorists instead of directing traffic. 
To ensure orderliness, the Ogun State government needs to be alive to its responsibilities and install traffic lights at the SANGO Otta roundabout, and also ensure the roads are in good condition.