December 8, 2023


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Dr. Eromosele Omoike to expand health care clinic to save lives.

Promoters of the herbal products,premium family health drink, have reiterated commitment to improving family health cleansing in Nigeria through the Wave making  get well Therapeutic Limited company under the leadership of Dr Henry Etomosele Omoike, a Doctor of Herbal Therapy and treatments.
The well-known adage about the tiny acorn seed that in time grown to become a huge Oak tree is one that has been repeated to the point where it has become a cliché,  but when used in reference to an organization destined to save lives from infertility from the society.
 According to Doctor Henry Eromosele Omoike, the medicines ward off stubborn sickness like Staphylococcus, Infertility, Menstruation problems, Stroke, Body Massage, Premature Ejaculation, Weak Erection, Diabetes, Pile, low Sperm count, Rheumatism , Gonorrhea , Candida, Syphilis, typhoid/ Malaria Fever, Blood purification, all kinds of venereal Infection, fibroid, waist pain, B.P, Eye and Ear problems e. t. c. 
The Getwell Therapeutic Ltd Company has answers and more powerful meaning to the solutions to all listed problems disease above here
Speaking at media lunch and customer forum, “  distributors are needed to market these beautiful products”, so says the amiable Dr Eromosele Omoike.
He noted further that Feelers from numerous customers have been hugely impressive, especially Eromo Bitters, Biowell Bitters, Giseng Extral plus, Biowell Action powder plus, and Biowell Action Liquid. 
Men and women all over the world are now enjoying an amazing herbal product. You are free to visit Getwell Therapeutic Ltd Health Care and Enlightenment Clinic located at No 10, Igboelerin Road, Opp. Glory vile Secondary school Okoko, Lagos. 
You can call this No. 09025318218 and 08061538358. These herbal drink gives couple a full romantic sexual satisfaction at all time date. Biowell Action Powder plus and Eromo Bitters is an enhancement performing sex activator masters.
The company is duly registered by the Laws of the Federal republic Of Nigeria under the national Food and Drug law Enforcement Agency (NAFDAC) No. 08-32916, and No. 08-32926 with RC 1154971 (CAC)
If you have a problem of infertility you can use sperm count Boosting Eromo Biowell Action Powder Plus a set or twin is sure.
Try it on your own but do not say I told you. Getwell is the best herbal for all.