September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes



 By: Isumaah Saturday.
  The brightness of a searchlight of a securityman will determines how he will see at night, so says Africa proverbs. This is  replica of Nigeria leaders in the helm of affairs.
 The number three man of Nigeria, Honourable Ahmed Lawan came out from the office of the President and proclaimed that Nigeria as a nation will not stopped borrowing, because we are a poor nation.
 Borrow to do what? Is it to develop the country or to satisfy their selfish need?  Such as their salary and benefits of the leaders?
 But if Lawan is an Economic lecturer and he is to take students on the dwindling economic situation in Nigeria, will he recommends borrowing as an alternative to the recovery of a failed economic?
 The Senate President claimed that Nigeria is a poor nation and he did any give parameter with some some Nations to arrived at his decision. His statistics, is it with the  poor nations, developing or developed nations.If it is from poor nations, what is our position among the poor Nations? Is Nigeria among the “POOR NATION”?
 Is Nigeria amongst the developing Nations and what is parameters he used to concluded that borrowing is the only solution to Nigeria economic woes? The previous ones we borrowed, of benefits do we derived from it?
 Leadership is a process of meeting the yelling of the people and not compounding it. The Senate President should apologize to the citizens and retrieved that statement “Nigeria is a poor Nation.
 The Nigeria Nation is not poor but rich in all resources. Nigeria is only lacking in good management in the helm of affairs. The present Oil prices he referred to does not hold water in the lives of Nigerians.
 There are many countries who are not members of OPEC, but the citizens are living a respectable life. The Senate President and his likes should wake-up to the reality and face the development that is trending in the world. I have been waiting and hoping he would advise the President on the restrictions of borrowing.
 But reverse is the case. He should have called the concerned people, meet the President in a room and tell themselves he home truth. Nigeria can not continue to depend on borrowed life. 
 He should canvass for the drastic reduction of maintenance of political office holders. Reduction salaries of political leaders, their personal assistants and their exorbitant life.
 He (Lawan) should known that Nigeria country. The fact remains we have leaders who have poor vision. Today where is the Cocoa House in Ibadan, the pride of the Western Nigeria
Where is the  ground nuts Pyramid in the Northern Nigeria, where is the ATP, Rubber and palm oil industries in Midwest and Palm oil in the East? I can  go on to buttressed the lack lackness of foresight of our leaders.
  Gone are the days when these resources were displaced in our cultural heritages and in our various currencies. But, today they have all gone, just as history vanished in our schools curriculum. If we destroyed this country through borrowing, we will face the consequence when the time comes.