September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


  By: Prince Sunny Ebojiaye.
 As count down and the battle gets hotter, fór the new date  slated 24th July 2021 for Emu Youth Presidential election, there is something magnetic about Mr, Kingsley Okoirhon of the high flying Esan Magazine.

 A veteran journalist stated his dream and aspiration for Emu Kingdom is “to serve his people in Emu to the best of his ability”. He disclosed this while having a chart with City Express News publisher Prince Sunny Enhojiaye in his base in Rivers state. 
 He added that he is joyful and relief that his Royal Highness  Imasiemhojie Aidenojie, a young promising King with sense of humour has blessed him for the big task challenges ahead when his campaign Train visited his palace recently.
  According to the candidate, he said ” I am going to support the dream of Prof. Tony Ogbeigbu to move Emu forward”. He however promised Emu kingdom that when ” I gets the ticket to  represent Emu youths as the President, I would ensure that I delivers all my mandates and manifestation completely”.
  He stressed further ” I will represent the youthful generation of Emu kingdom, the good lives and better standard of Emu community are paramount to me and I am prepared to give it in ensuring that my people benefit it”. 
  Kingsley Okoirhon is respected, thrusted, a man of proven integrity and one of the best material in Emu community. That is why many are not surprised about the antecedent of this eloquent, outspoken, easy going and handsome man who never display his political gallantly and gladiators because of his simplicity.