September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


   No matter what many have written about Senior Project T B Joshua, life is refreshingly, interesting and worthy of living. I am a testimony to all your last use of words that stands you out as you are preparing for a journey to your creator.

  Some of these words have become part of catalogue of vocabulary to me. You are like second God to many of us who have the opportunity to relate with you as a father and minister of the gospel.
  You were like a biological father to many of us and you have overcome the world. John 16:33. That position will be very hard to fill. I remembered vividly how you wiped out my tears, when I did a cover story on your 40th birthday celebration.
  The money you gave to me, I have never received such money in my entire life. I am  happy you did not die as  ordinary pastor, but slept on the invitation of Almighty God and Angeles see you off to heaven as a hero.
  You came into the picture as a pastor and bombarded Nigerians with artillery of prayer, fasting, programs, healings, signs and  wonders with miracles that rattle the entire world. You delivered your message very clearly and directly to those concerned and you were very blunt and fair.
  You are not hypocritical nor condemned anyone or pastor in your preaching. You said to me as a rookie Reporter in 1987 that ” God uses the foolish things to express himself”. You prophesied to me that ” I was going to be great in life”.
  The Synagogue Church of all Nations is now spreading throughout the globe. As at today, Synagogue have branches in South Africa, United Kingdom, Ghana etc. Emmanuel T.V has made greatest work of T B Joshua known worldwide.
  Before his death,  he told his wife Mrs. Evelyn Joshua ” there is time to go home and the time has come” but no one pays attention. The speech fascination of Prophet Joshua remain alluring and proffered hope in the middle of dispondency. You came, saw and conquered with all odds.
  The things I noticed about you is selflessness. You remained the only Pastor in Nigeria that was ever read to share his money and assets. But most Nigerians knew the truth, but their hearts has been polluted by some General Overseers who see Joshua as a threats. Rest in peace in the bosom of God Almighty.