September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By: Isumah Saturday
  The Emu kingdom is one of the great community in Esan South East LGA of Edo state with great location of commercial nerve of Ancient Benin Empire.    
      Surprisingly, there is a soldier that Leads the war front, there is a Sub- soldier that trail the Lead Soldier. In this case the Political Civilian soldier is Barr. Chris Osamudiamhen Orukpe who is contesting for the post of Youth General Secretary of Emu kingdom.
  Speaking to City Express News in an online Interview,
Barr. Chris said that He will adopt Political strategy that will earn him massive victory. He added that the political terrain of Emu youths will soon witness the emergence of one of the most illustrious sons.
Politics is never meant for the Feeble – minded or those whose hearts and souls are never coordinated to marshal, very progressively, those elements and proponents of the political game, which shall in turn transform our present Emu youth election to political democratic experimentation to the good of our people.
  He sounded optimistic that as it may, the entry of Barr. Chris Osamudiamhen into the political Landscape of Emu kingdom testifies to the above assertion.
  A born leader is somebody having all inherent qualities of Leadership, administrative Judgement, a meticulate and benevolent philanthropist, a man of distinction and honor. Barr. Chris is the man, according to him He is very passionate about the growth and development of Emu kingdom. Unlike other young men who are selfish and self centered, who are only interested in their pockets and progress of their immediate families.
  It must be a great testimony to the mental philosophy of Barr. Chris Osamudiamhen that when the book titled “THE WORLD WILL BE RULED” and is being humanely led by those who do not take liquor, who do not mess  up about with women and could control their tongues, those who enjoys wisdom in silence and only talk when they have something new and more reasonable to offer. 
   These people, who do not attempt to run away from themselves. They rule and control themselves and thereby rule the world. Barr. Chris Osamudiamhen has also promised to judiciously use his influence as a lawyer connection to attract Government presence to Emu kingdom and he has vowed to continue to canvass fo Government presence in the entire Esan Land especially Emu kingdom.