September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By: Isumah Saturday.

  The war of words and threats of ” no election, no election” slogan appears to be an effort by members of the respected Emu Kingdom. Recently, political elite tinker with wish of the electorates or with an attempt to rings the election.
  Some candidates has threatened to boycott or stopped the election if a certain member of caretaker committee, Saturday Odine, the secretary general of the committee is not removed.
  The face-off between candidates and the committee started during the 29th May 2021 cancelled election. The Intrigues they had between the hallmark of the battle for the imposed caretaker committee between majority and minority.
  In Emu Kingdom, minority control the majority because they have people in Edo state government House. The news is not the contestants fighting themselves, but organizers want their people to win at all cost in order to control the activities.
  The majority is now raising alarm of bribery allegations amongst the committee. Recently, Prof. Tony Ogbeigbu advised caretaker committee to stay focused and operates within the law as the election gets closer to July 24th 2021. The Prof. said emphatically ” I am not going to change Mr. Saturday Odine and his change does not necessary in order to pleased any body.”
  However, what really went wrong between elders and the youths, City Express News gathered authoritatively, revealed that the candidates have passed a vote of no confidence on Saturday Odine and he deliberately refused to leave the committee. This verdict is been regarded as an orphan by majority Emu Kingdom.
  Majority is being control elders. Prof Tony and the Onojie are both from same Eguare Otakhan clan. City news gathered that over 30 years, the  president does not have a vice nor executive members, except those hand picked to supervise election.
  However, some unanimous candidates who does not want their names in print said they disagreed over the imposition of Saturday Odine who they suspected will ring election for some candidates to favour them.
  But Prof. Tony who is the President of Emu Foundation said they  are intensify efforts to ensure full readiness in all fundamentals. ” We therefore continue to solicit for every candidates’ support to ensure we deliver free, fair and credible election”.
  Some candidates accused Emu Foundation over incessant power play game, election crisis and leadership dispute must  stop. But Mr. Lucky Ehiabhi insisted that he will not step down for anybody no matter the drum of war they are beating to stop him from winning the election.
   It is true that a seed of discord has been sewn amongst the peaceful people Emu Kingdom that once live together as one family.