September 27, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


  By: Isumah Saturday

 Publisher/Chief Executive Officer of City Express News Bar. Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye has revealed that  the 11th Edition annual awards organised by the company is going to be the biggest and the best in Nigeria.

  He disclosed this  to City Express News correspondent while addressing the awards planning committee yesterday in Lagos. He started further the awards event is going to be 3 in  1 this year and is expected to attract the big Wigs.


 The purpose is to celebrate Nigerian achievers both at home and abroad. He reaffirmed that not every award comes with loads of cash but self recognition and Medals of honours.
  The publisher added that to whom much is given, much is expected from the men of honour and that is how the honour work. This is a call to redidecate themselves to the cause of selfless service to their community that earned them the recognition without silver spoon.
   He claimed those who achieved greatness from nothing  to something are the people we are celebrating at the occasion. People like Deputy Commissioner of Police Abba Kyari, (Commander of Inspector General of Police Intelligent Respond Team). Such man who attained leadership qualities and a creative abilities that has made him great in Nigeria and abroad can not be sideline.
  The lives of service and the sacrifice of the awards winner will be defined. These Courageous men and women of character, first class souls lay legacies and erect solid foundations, that can stand the test of time.
  They try to fight for the common man, feed the less privileged in our society. They are on the side of fairness, justice, progress and development.
  Their lives have become symbols of service and sacrifice. It took long debates in selecting them and readers, awards committee are searching for the chosen of the awards winners.
  Award is in recognition of land mark of achievements and a life self dedication to humanity. 
  According to Bar. Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye, the category of awards are as follows: life achievement Award, Leadership/ Visionary Awards, Excellencies Merit Award, Humanitarian Meritorious Service Award Philanthropist, Millennium Achievement award.
  He added, there will also be Royal Majesty Award, Entertainment, Nolly Wood Star, Best Musician, Sport, Best Legal practitioner, Best comedian, Best Beauty Queen, Police man of the year and so many awardees.
  He concluded that the awards planning committee has not completed the winners yet. Some of the award recipients are Mr, Osobor Godwin Obabhu, CEO of GOBOC Ventures Company. He spoke to City Express News Publisher Prince Sunny in his Port Harcourt based that “his vision is committed to communicate service, who never hesitate when called upon to perform any service to his immediate and extended communities”.
  Another prominent awardee is Servant Victor Ematale David, a well known Pastor doing the service of God to humanity.