December 8, 2023


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City Express News Sets to Honored GOBOC Ventures Boss With Meritorious Merit Award

IN recognition of its commitment to adopting best practice toward the safety and well being of Nigeria workers in the work place, during the Covid 19 Pandemic, GOBOC Ventures Company has been nominated for Africa Safety Award for Excellence. The Goboc Venturs is a leading life safety organization that train fire services workers against fire disaster. GOBOC ventures Manaqging Director Mr. Osobor Godwin Obabhu, said his company is the best Trainer in fire service equipment. We will continue to ensure the strong safety culture with best manufacturing initiative in the work place practices that has earn the GOBOC ventures commendation for productive work force in Nigeria.

 Osobor Godwin Obabhu, is a committed community leader who never hesitates when called upon to perform any service to his immediate and extended communities. He is known as a life builder of Youth Organization that focused on character development leadership training educational enlightenment and mass mobilization for community services. As a devout Christian and a member of Jehovah’s Witness Godwin Obabhu is also a key promoter of peaceful inter-religious co-existence of Nigeria.

 His Goboc ventures was quite aggressive in contributing to the education of the less privileges. It is therefore initiated an interest free educational loan in Emu Kingdom in Esan south East Local Government area of Edo State.

 History can never be complete without the chapters of his immense contributions to development of humanity. His ingenuity and charitable ability remains outstanding as he continue to motivate Millions Nigeria and around the world. The business icon Emu son is based in portharcourt, River state with many investments.