September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By:  Isumah  Saturday
  In a bide to ensure victory in the election coming up in Emu Kingdom, Lucky Ehiabhi have setup his presidential campaign for Emu Kingdom youth election slate for 24th of July 2021 in Eguare Otakhuan town of Emu Kingdom.
  The prolific and vibrant Lucky Ehiabhi has just launched some intimidating outdoor advertising campaign messages on various billboards and Trucks all over Emu Kingdom.
  According to Lucky, he said “those who knows me, known that I am mission oriented and focus’ on the mission.” He stated further  “I can not allow obstacles or storms to get on my way to distract my victory and Emu is going to be prosperous and flourish if I am giving the mandate”.
  He claimed that ” those who want to harvest seeds which they have not sewn are spiritually dead before it germinate”. He stated further “that some people have cancelled their contests when they saw able winner like me on the race. And whatever happened it is time to advance  forward”.
  In an interview with City Express News correspondent from Benin City in Edo state through a telephone interview, he narrated his plans to turned Emu kingdom to second Dubai in Nigeria. He argued that ” our cultural heritage is a key to Emu development and I will not abandoned it for Western culture”.
  He acknowledged that visions and passion are his key elements in life to move forward, ” as for me vision and passion is the main thing to develop Emu Kingdom”. He promised to attained a better Emu Kingdom to the glory of God where there be no nepotism, sentiment and favouritism”. 
  He concluded that Peace, Unity and development shall be his watch word and ask everybody to come out and vote for him for the betterment of Emu Kingdom.