September 29, 2023


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Nigerians call for replica of lagos- Ibadan train service accross Nigeria.

Modern train service on Lagos Ibadan axis.

The history of train service in Nigeria could be traced to the British period in which narrow gauge train lines were constructed in specific areas of the country for the convenient of the colonial masters to carry goods and services.
However due to lack of adequate maintenance and disinterest by successful governments to invest in the railway sector, most of the trains are now rusty as well as the railway lines, which made many Nigerians to abadon the rail services for the road.
The attendant shift to the road has its consequences with increase road accidents, and insecurity along the highway particularly in the night.  It is generally agreed that modern rail services is desirable not only to improve transportation but also to make transportation easier for the people.
President Good luck Jonathan in this respect saw to the need to improve the rail services as his commenced the Abuja to Kaduna standard gauge, which was later completed by the present regime of President Buhari. 
Also the Warri Itakpe standard gauge which was initially constructed to carry goods was upgraded for commercial services to carry people.
The latest addition is the Lagos – Ibadan standard gauge which was recently commissioned by president Muhammad Buhari. The service is  believe to be a good relief to passengers who ply the ever busy Lagos Ibadan expressway.
The duration of the train service is expected to be for one hour but runs presently for about two hours as the logistics and communication system are being perfected.
Many passengers on the route expressed delight with the service which they say is comfortable giving the modern amenities inside the train and the beautiful stations constructed between Ibadan and Lagos.
Mr Taiwo Adesina, a passenger who spoke to our correspondent along with other people commended the present administration desire for resuscitating the rail services and called for the quick completion of the proposed Lagos Kano standard gauge, Port Harcourt to Enugu, Maiduguri and for the extension to all major cities in the country.
Other speakers are also in line with Mr Adesina as they believe that the country deserves to have network of modern rail transportation.
 A typical train station along the Lagos Ibadan axis.