September 26, 2023


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Positive Transformation requires anointing of God – Servant Victor David.


    Servant Victor David ministering
Indeed God is still at work using those whom  He has called and upon who he bestow His anointing. God is using them at this end of time to set the captives free and break satanic bondages.
One of God,s instruments in the works of deliverance is Servant Victor David of Christ Chosen Tabernacle Deliverance Ministries, based in Sango-Otta, along Ijoko road, Ogun State.
Through Him, many are being set free and from satanic bondages  while situations that look Impossible become possible.
Servant Victor said all what God is doing In his life and the ministry are possible just because of the annointing of God. He said when the annointing of God is in anybody,s life he could move ‘mountain’, and do the miraculous.
According to him anyone that wants positive change in his life should move nearer to God, run away from sins and seek the face of God. The Man of God said when the annointing of God falls on the person, he would be a different person.
In his sermon during a Sunday service, he cited the case of Joseph who was sold as a slave, but because of the annointing of God in his life, he became a prime minister in the land of his slavery. He also mentioned the case of David, who as a little boy, a shepherd, killed the giant ‘ strong Philistine, Goliath, with just few stones.
For those who want the annointing and positive transformation in their lives, Servant Victor said firstly they must shun sin as it opens the door for the enemies to come into their lives. Sin, the man of God said kills glory. They must also become born again and run away from activities that do not glorify God in their lives.
Servant Victor said when the annointing comes into anybody,s life, it will do many things. Annointing he said will attract destiny helpers, those who will help. Annointing will make problems to vanish, it removes reproach as it was in the life of David and will turn shame to glory.
The Church runs deliverance on third Sunday of every month and the Servant of God is available for personal deliverance.
Servant Victor is available on 08033191623, and 09083930001