September 29, 2023


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T.B.Joshua buried, but legacy lives on.

T. B. Joshua and beautiful wife .
July 2nd, Nigeria and the rest of the world stood still as the icon prophet, Temitope Joshua was committed to mother Earth at the Synagogue Church Mercyland.
The news of his death on the night of June 5th,seven days to his 58years birthday is still a surprise to many, as he was not known to be sick. Infact he led prayer section at the Synagogue Mountain, Agodo, Egbe, Ikotun where annointing morning water were given to Emmanuel TV partners. He was hale and healthy, before the Lord who know his work on Earth took him away.
The most shocking news on Sunday, July 4th, during the thanksgivings service was that when one of his recorded tapes was played,many people manifested, many received healings, and there were uncommon miracles.
This made many to be saying that Joshua was not dead but alive. Though dead, the works of Prophet Joshua cannot be forgotten. Indeed his legacy lives on.