September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By: Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye andIsumah  Saturday.
The choice of Mrs. Ogundele Bosede
 Esther, proprietress of  God International Group of School situated at Palace way Ijoko OTA in Ogun State, a woman of distinction, integrity and visionary educational Ambassador was chosen due to her steady progress in her school.
   This was made known to City Express News correspondents while taken the crew round the school edifice. She started that “the welfare of my students, pupils and their educational betterment is my strength that is motivating me”.
  She stressed further ” the areas of Hostel accommodation, large lecture and examination halls, furnished classrooms with modern seats, first class Laboratories to a high standard and general settings of secondary and primary is a dream comes through to every visionary educationists”.
  She added” with these amenities, the school has become one of the citadels in Nigeria and beyond”. This indelible footprints is an eye opener into the giants stride of Mrs, Ogundele.
  The school also recorded viable development in the area of staff welfare which is more than employer and employee. “Our relationship is like formidable family with one love”.
   Mrs. Ogundele claimed ” looking into this progress, I can not but give God the honour for taking us to this level for the past ten years”. She attributes the progress of the school to the vision from the onset with total deductions, to her past experience.
  The academic icon will be awarded with “EDUCATIONIST AMBASSADOR,” by City Express News millennium Achievement Leadership merit awards 2021.Mrs. Ogundele, a woman with reckon is with immeasurable greatness to be emulated which speaks volumes beyond the boundaries of her community in education.