December 8, 2023


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  The Christ Chosen Tabernacle and Deliverance Ministries  situated at No. 9 Idowu Close, Off Plaza Junction, Sango OTA Ogun State witnessed mother of all testimony on 18th July 2021.
  It was a Thanksgiving service anchored by Servant Victor David, the general overseer of CCT deliverance ministries. The woman in question is Mrs. Awak married to Awak Austin  from Enugu State.
Below is the interview with City Express News publisher, Barr. Sunny Ebhojiaye;
City: What are you celebrating with this parked gifts?
Ronke Awak: God has been faithful to me in all aspects of my life and my glorious family.
City: What are you thanking God for?
Ronke Awak: My husband and I has been looking for the fruits of the worm for the past six years after our marriage in 2015. We are here to thank God of Christ Chosen Tabernacle for breaking the yoke of barrenness from my life.
City: What was the problem?
 Ronke Awak: It was a spiritual attack.
 City: Who was responsible for the spiritual attacking?
 Ronke Awak: My parents ruined my life and God has set me free from barrenness to become a mother of two children.
 City: Did you offended your parents?
Ronke Awak: No, I did not offended my parents nor my husband offended his parents.
 City: Why were you both caged by your parents at the same time and how did you meet Servant ,Victor?
  Ronke Awak: It is a long story. I was tormented with fear of death several times by my parents through death and through dreams. Threatened with doom and many suffering with terrible spiritual nightmares, dreams  and having sexual intercourse with a strange man. 
 I met the Servant through Online contact.
City: How can Online prayers do such a miracle. Does distance not portrayed barrier?
Ronke: Yes. Indeed many people has received devine intervention to their problems by the revelation of the word of God, manifestation of his power, the reality of the holy spirit and put an end to the affliction.
The testimonies I got Online made me to believed the Servant of God.
City: Are you saying if not Servant Victor David you may still be barrenn?
 Ronke: By Our lord’s devine, I am privileged to praise God with joy and enthusiasm. If not, my children would have still be in mother coven todäy.
  The favoured woman rejoiced that her worm has been restored by God through Servant David. The story is endless.
  Speaking with Servant Victor, he claimed his duty is to carry out the instructions, Spiritual authority in rooting out, pulling down and destroying all spiritual opposition that get to his way.