September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes




  Deception occurs when people believe lies and many of us want to become sharks with no deep water to swim in. Unless you discover that many are counting on you for their future, you may be one of those who is looking for a redeemer when you are already sent out as a saviour
  Why Emu Youths should not have leadership crisis. The man whose prayer saves the world and drowns his family is likened to a hiring. Emu found itself in helpless situation due to greedy, selfish interest, disunity, tribalism insecurity, poor economy, corruption and host of orders.
  Prof. Tony Ogbeibu is generally well known and in honour in Emu Kingdom. Prof Tony is known as a hero due to a history of a highly successful career. As a Lecturer of University of Benin City Edo State and President Emu Foundation in Esan South East Local government area of Edo State.
  ” A president making order out of disorder.” Tell us  what it takes to report News? Teach us how to report News? We are professional journalists not just blogger who have no knowledge of journalism career. “We do not tolerate blackmail in City Express News. We are not afraid reporting crime news”. ” We are note afraid of any threats from any quarters and we are not reporting news based on sentiment”.
  What we are saying to the greedy leaders caused Emu’s depression. Examine yourself, if you had enriched with public funds, rather than work for the good citizens. 
  Mr Tony, 24th. July 2021 Emu  youths are united. ” I will hold you responsible. You removed my name from Emu Foundation Forum due to City Express News reported story”.
 Prof.Tony Ogbeibu, do not drag City Express News into Emu politics. We are not politicians but freedom fighters. Barr. Sunny is an activist lawyer and journalist. Blindfolds any one is not my Emu of my dreams, I am not coming to Emu kingdom to be a leader, but let us make triumphant for the coming children that will change Emu for good.
  We all have failed in our responsibility to uplift the community. Why? every village in Emu community  should be represented in elective office in the Youths presidential positions. The injustice in Nigeria should not happen in Emu Kingdom.
  Fairness, equality and justice is my sermon. The youths will not suffer what we suffered. Emu kingdom Forum, Emu political/leadership and Emu Foundation forum are in one community.
  You said there was never any tension, that brews in Emu kingdom. Why did you cancelled the election of 29th.of May 2021?  Why did majority kicked against the used of Saturday Odine from the committee?  
  We are not bother whoever win the election. Mr. President Prof Tony Ogbeibu listen to the voice of reasons.