September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By: Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

  Comfort Ezekiel, a worthy Beauty Peace Ambassador of Africa with incurable passion for the progress of Nigeria youths, laid a foundation for both Nigeria youths and less privileges and the people could  earn decent living and will contributed effectively and pattrivitically too to the general advancement of our beloved Nation.
 A thorough breed professional model to the core. The beauty Queen of all seasons and great achiever of no mean dimension, Comfort Ezekiel, will walk tall on the occasion of the conferment of Africa United Nation Peace Ambassador award by City Express News/online TV.
  A recipient of United Nations Peace Ambassador. Miss Africa International, Miss Smile and  former Miss ECOWAS/Tourism was born great, but has also widened her horizon to achieving immeasurable greatness.
   In an interview with City Express News, she opens up.
Q   Do you have any regret being a model?
A.  No. I never regretted being a model, actress, singer, and  a beauty Queen.
Q.  What has been your interest challenging as Queen? 
A. It is not easy for me as a Queen who have to be role model to many people.     I have been working on hot new brand. It has been six months of hard work, sleepless night, meeting important personalities in the society, promoting peace and unity among Africa continent.  I  had to travel around the world to educating snd entertaining at the same time. I have been learning and giving out gifts to the less privileges activities.It is fun and love.
  Q.  Having a beautiful skin and fine shape how do you cope with men?
A.  As for now I will never drop my crown for any man and however I  am not attracted to the looks of a man and his riches, it does matter to me.
A. Are you not interested to marry a rich man?
 A. My Goal is rich and if I want marry any man, he must be richer than billionaire Aliko Danglote, the man behind the global vision called Dangote Group is my ultimate aim. I am single and not in any relationship for now. As a beauty Queen, I have no right for any relationship with any man until after my tenure.
Q.  What type of a man do you desire to marry,?
A. I want a humble, God fearing, intelligent, bold, handsome man and good moral. I want someone with too much money, not a stingy man.
Q. What is your life ambition?
A.  My ambition is to setup my own modelling school and possibly become most beautiful Queen in the world.
Q. Why are you call queen of orphanage home? 
A. My pet project, charitable and humanitarian gesture is to feed the orphanage homes, less privileged, youth empowerment and make the widows happy.