September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By:  Comfort Amaka Nwosu

 The outgoing president of Emu youth Association Barr. Ehiabhi who had earlier raised alarm that the Orakhuan cabals would hackjacked the election, if Emu  youths presidential election is hold at Eguare primary school.
   He stated further Orakhuan and despirates candidates has been planning with caretaker committee led by Saturday Odine to ring the election. He claimed the entire leadership of Prof. Tony Ogbeigbu has been in doubt and questionable.
   ” I tried to X ray the behaviour of some people and what they were doing and I discovered that they were behaving like people who  were blindfolded. People who are ignorant and they are dying and perishing . People without  a vision and lacked of knowledge. How can one man run Emu Foundation like a one man business?” retorted Ehiabhi.
  He claimed due to the failure of Emu Elders to intervened, Prof. Tony Ogbeigbu was permitted to rule Emu Kingdom as a life president three decades, has  continued upland dominance and control the power of Emu Land. 
  Barr. Ehiabhi claimed if Prof. Tony is to run for the post of Emu National president Foundation, he can never win an election in Emu land, due to his bias, nepotism and self glorified selfish interest.  Beyond the public displayed and grassroot politics in Emu community, he will never have a place in history of Emu politics.
  In another reaction by Barr. Dominic Igben, “Prof. Tony Ogbeigbu is redoubtable candidate in Emu as a politician. Everyone know Prof. Tony is not a politician”.
  Barr. Dominic dropped a bombshell on Orakhuan’s kangaroo election. He said  “it is time for Emu to correct the past mistakes made by our elders who see Orakhuan as an alpha and omega, because of our paramount ruler Onojie, HRH Promise Aidenojie Imhansiemhojie, the Onojie 1 of Emu kingdom.
   Power does not belong to Orakuan people as like Nigeria where they feel power belong to the  North and the South is inferior. That kind of system can not happened in our generation. He stated further I am not anti-Onojie, but let him remain neutral and let him come out as an honest King who has the interest of the masses at heart. Kingsley is Orakhuan youth president not Emu youth” he concluded.
  The reason best known to him is not that Orakhuan people who are minority are so rich more than the rest of Emu people.
  Mr. Lucky Ehiabhi, the majority and people’s choice president was not at the election, how come Orakhuan people counted votes against the candidate who earlier said he was not going to be part of kangaroo rescheduled election held on 24th July 2021.
  It was the number of people that campaigned for Lucky Ehiabhi that made Saturday Odine and Prof. Tony Ogbeigbu to cancelled the first scheduled election of 29th May 2021. Lucky Ehiabhi seems to have much in his disposal, he is richer and more popular president than Kingsley Okoithan.
(1)  Prof. Tony Ogbeigbu: President, Emu Foundation, from Orakhuan.  
(2)  Home based chairman, Orakhuan man.
(3)  Financial secretary, Orakhuan man.
(4)  President of youth, Mr. Kingsley Okoithon, from Orakhuan.
(5)  Emu king, from Orakhuan.
  A very clever, organised gang-up and coup de tat. Now that the actors are caught up with in  Orakhuan town, organising conspiracy theories and practical manipulation known as colossal calamity waiting to happen. CITY EXPRESS NEWS will get you posted.