September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Travails of Super Cop, DCP Abba Kyari.

                       DCP Abba Kyari
How come an Officer who was the envy of most of his colleagues, as one of the most decorated and award winning police officer,  could allow himself to be involved in a syndicate led by Hushpuppi, is a big question in the circle of many people.
Indeed the volume of awards and decorations of Deputy Commissioner of police, Abba Kyari are just voluminous, for him to allow himself to be linked with a criminal such as Hushpuppi.
While his accomplishments are rigging endorsements of value and productivity of vision, Abba Kyari has contributed immensely to the growth of the Nigerian police force. He has a track record 
of bursting many crimes.
His numerous awards include Best Detective of the year 2018. Hero of the year 2018, by Silverbird group, and most performing police officer of the year 2013 by City Express News.
Others include Presidential medals for courage from President Mohammed Buhari, for several years.
His other numerous medals distinguish him as an accomplished police officer.
However the ‘stain on his white shirt’ needs to be cleansed for the respect for him to continue. Abba Kyari must tell the investigating panel all about his relationship with Hushpuppi and clear his name, so as not to have a dent on his numerous achievements.
The police authorities must thoroughly investigate the allegations from America, and ensure Abba Kyari is giving a fair trial.
The World is watching and the ‘dog should not be given a bad name in order to hang it, and if found to be liable, he should be made to face ‘the music’ to set a good example.
Afolabi Oyekunle.