September 26, 2023


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By: Isumah Saturday.

Extractdiction of suspected person alleged to have committed a criminal offence is associated with Commonwealth of all Nations. Commonwealth Nations are Nations colonalised by the British Empire, who came together to foster relationship in economics, politically, socially and bilateral issues.

  They came together and sighed a treaty to abide and a support amongst themselves. Their treaty also involved extractdiction of suspect or suspects as the case may be. It is the perogative of the country concerned to balance their economic and political interests before granting such extractdiction request.
  The question is, is America a member of the commonwealth? Are they a signatory to the extractdictory party?, if not  can they request for extractdiction of suspect or suspects to United States of America?. Can America issued a warrant of arrest to another national who does not resided in America to be brought to America Court? Can America court takes up a case outside her jurisdiction, issue an order, remanded in prison custody and jail such suspect?
  Does America have the power to carried out arrest and trial of suspect in any part of the world? Or alternatively does known that Abba Kyari does not reside in America and alleged offence was committed in Dubai of which Huspulpin is been tried?
  The judge alleged that Abba Kyari’s name was mentioned but not indicted. Why the warrant of arrest? Nigeria as member of Commonwealth nation sent a letter to British government requesting the extractdiction of former Petroleum minister to answer issues bordering on corruption, but British government refused extractdicting this woman.
  The reaction to Abba Kyari issue in the public domain is an exhibition of hatred and jealousy. People who felt Abba is a stormy block to their criminality. The likes of Evans, the kingpin of kidnapping. The overblown and misinformation against Kyari is a results of pull him down syndrome.
  Huspopi allegations of threats was investigated and discovered to be falsed and the suspect was released to go home, which did not go down well with Huspoppi and he decided to bring Abba into his predicament.
  The FBI and America should absorbed themselves from compliance rather than to stained innocent man. The awards Abba has achieved, the FBI, CIA and other American security network can never and will never attained such credence.