September 26, 2023


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Youths plan to dethrone Emu Monarch, over Kangaroo election.


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

As Emu submerged in a fratricidal political imbroglio, some quarters in the kingdom with the surreptitious supports of the elders both home and abroad are planning to take the Monarch of Emu kingdom, HRH Promise Aidonojie and his chiefs to court to challenge his stool. 
Information said to have been excavated from the rich history of Emu which were made available to the solicitors of the warring quarters by some elders in the kingdom have become  a formidable tool to challenge the stool of the Onojie in the court. 
Amongst other contentious issues raised by the obviously disenchanted quarters through the auspices of their youth wings are the accusations of high-handedness of the king with the unflinching and misleading supports of some of his chiefs amongst which  is  Professor Tony Ogbeibu, the Adolor 1 of Emu land, a title that is already under contention and that is facing litigation very soon. 

     Professor Tony Ogbeibu

The tussle of the Adolorship title which he shared with the original holder, Chief Josephine Oboh will soon be tested in the court of law, the legal chambers which have been consulted made this known to City News Express
The fallout of the Emu Youth elections which was held in Orakhuan which do not enjoy the blessings and acceptance of other quarters is threatening to bring down the fragile peace and thread that has bonded the four quarters which made Emu Kingdom. 
The Onojie was said to have been unduly partisan and dictatorial with the robust support of Chief Tony Ogbeibu, a professor with the university of Benin. 
The aggrieved youths from other quarters felt alienated by the action of their King, adding that by the action of the king, His Highness was playing a dangerous selfish quarter politics of divide and rule. His immediate quarter of Orakhuan is said to regarded and treated as being more superior to other quarters. 
A prominent son of the kingdom, Honourable Cornelious Amhiemgbereta who played a prominent role to see the enthronement of the monarch has this to say, “I singlehandedly brought the monarch from his mother’s place in Uromi with the support of another prominent son of the land, Mr. Sylvester Odion from Ibhiadan and with my foot soldiers, the youth body to spirit the monarch from Uromi to become the king when all odds were against his enthronement. 

Honourable Cornelious Ahiegbereta

Professor Ogbeibu and the people he now enjoys their patronage were nowhere to be found during the crisis that almost denied the Onojie his stool” He said. 
Another youth who do not want his name in print has threatened that what happened in the neighboring town of Ohordua may happen in Emu soon. 
A decade ago, crisis erupted in Ohordua over the stool of the monarch of that kingdom which saw the village in a fratricidal war. Souls were lost and some prominent sons of that land got killed while some went into thin air and had not  been seen till date. 
In the same light, an aggrieved youth interviewed by our correspondent vowed to mobilize the youths of other three quarters to storm the palace of the kingdom to dethrone the king while the case in court goes on. 
In his words, “its unfortunate that after so many years of suffering before the enthronement of our king, he has unabashedly allowed some chiefs to be manipulating him in Orakhuan ably led by Professor Tony Ogbeibu who was in the comfort of his lecturing classroom when we fought to enthrone this king. 
“ We have our petition to dethrone him on veritable  grounds already sent to the Oba of Benin, and the Enijies of Esan land” 
 Our correspondent  has it on good authority that the Emu youths in Lagos in collaboration with the local based youths have reached a working agreement with Oodua People Congress (OPC) to storm Orakhuan in no distance future to execute their plans to dethrone the king. 
The political gimmick that has been playing out in the kingdom became obvious with every infrastructural development from the state and local government to the kingdom being located and concentrated in Orakhuan. 
Piqued by this action and the undue interference of the palace and his alter ego, Professor Ogbeibu in the just concluded Emu Youths elections, an election described by many as a mere charade, the aggrieved youths have engaged a senior advocate of Nigeria (SAN) to challenge the monarch stool-ship and amongst other allegations in the court of law. 
As the tension in a hitherto peaceful Emu kingdom is building up, the last has not been heard from this anticipated legal Tsunami.