September 27, 2023


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SSAEAC remains one says Electicity Association.

      Engineer Okonkwo, President General  SSAEAC.
The Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies at the end of its emergency meeting held in Lagos on events among members of the executive has come out with the following resolutions.
1. Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies (SSAEAC) remains one and undivided.
2. That the illegal meetings led by Comrades Musa Gambo and Nasir Dembo were unfortunate and self-serving considering that they were Deputy Presidents who should know the Constitution and shown higher sense of decorum and order. 
3. NEC noted all efforts made by the Leadership to redirect them from their wrong path, which they rejected was  regrettably. 
4. NEC reminisced on need for discipline and order in a Labour Union and endorsed steps taken so far that allowed for reconciliation until later affront. 
5. NEC specifically upheld the indefinite suspension imposed on the offending 10 NEC members by the Tribunal and further expelled (suspension from office and membership) them from SSAEAC for defiance of the second meeting. They are consequently banned from SSAEAC offices and meetings/functions.
6. NEC stated that it was unfortunate that the 10 suspended NEC members would declare a purported impeachment (not known to our Constitution) of the President General for the offense they committed without remorse. 
7. NEC consequently affirmed its faith and trust in the leadership of the President General, Engineer  Dr. Chris Okonkwo, who has served the Association with enormous sacrifice at personal risk. 
8. NEC also empowered the President General to continue to pursue and do all that was necessary to get all dues of SSAEAC, including negotiating fees of partners in the pursuit. This restatement of approval by NEC is in response to the seeming motive behind the actions of the now expelled officers. 
9. On the coming National Delegates Conference, NEC affirmed that the core of the planning rests with employees headed by the General Secretary, to incorporate elected members in the different Committees. 
10.  NEC reviewed and endorsed the election guidelines prepared by the core staff, as necessary to improve on survival of the Association through more membership and revenue. 
NEC reviewed and endorsed the collated data up to June 2021, on performance of the Branches as equitable and fair to all. 
11. NEC restated the right of each member to aspire to any elective position, subject to the Guidelines.
12. On the venue of the forthcoming National Delegates Conference, NEC agreed to an alternate place as suggested by the Planning Committee, subject to updated security reports as April 2022 draws near. That is, the venue is Kano or Abuja, depending on security situation on the roads; to be reviewed again. 
13. On the lingering TCN Branch issue, NEC empowered the President General to engage with those members and consider forgiveness for them, subject to reasonable remorse and willingness to abide by the Constitution and Rules of the Association. 
14. Generally, NEC empowered the President General to respond to any acts of aggression against the Association capable of undermining its capacity to ensure the rights and welfare of members are not compromised. 
15. NEC further emphasized that the President General’s experience and knowledge were needed to overcome recovery of Association’s money of the past and ongoing as in poaching of its senior staff class of membership. 
16. NEC also reviewed and approved the Audit/Financial Reports 2019 and 2020,  as sent to Registrar of Trade Unions. 
17. NEC enjoined Northern members not to fall for the selfish agenda of the now expelled officers, to avoid endangering effective representation of Northern members’ interests by the National Secretariat. 
The Association should remind them that the PG approved the purchase of Northern Secretariat in Kaduna, the first and only such purchased regional secretariat in the country. 
18. NEC called on all loyal members to note the expulsion of the 10 NEC members to ensure they don’t interfere with SSAEAC matters onwards. 
19. NEC directed the Tribunal to try those who joined the expelled people in the recent Press Conference and give them opportunity to state why the same sanction should not apply to them. 
20.  NEC directed that all Companies should be notified of the sanctions above to ensure that the persons concerned do not take excuses from duty in the name of SSAEAC.