September 29, 2023


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Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria call on government to address insecurity in the country.

         National President Comrade Tommy                       Etim Okon.
The Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria, ( ASCSN ) has its National Executive Council meeting at the Airport Hotel, Ikeja between 16th to 17th August, 2021 and came out with far reaching resolutions, for the country and the Association.
National Executive Council members accross the country were at the meeting. Among the issues addressed was the continued slide of the naira against other currencies. Blazing the trail, the national president, Comrade Tommy Etim Okon, in. his opening address called on the government to improve its fiscal policies to shore up the naira and check its  consistent downward.

He said it was worrisome that about five years ago, 160 naira was exchanging for one dollar but as at 5th August, 2021, the exchange rate is about 515 naira to one dollar. The present exchange rate he said, is having adverse effects on the economy because the cost of essential items such as drugs, raw materials for industries, food items, spare parts, automobiles have continued to trigger inflation leading to the lowering of purchasing powers of millions of Nigerians.

A major issue of concern to members is the issue of stoppage of gratuity to public service employees while the private sector employers are still paying gratuity to their workers on leaving service.

The Association argued that the pension reform act 2004 is silent on payment of gratuity and remains an inseparable component of laws of the federation of Nigeria. The Association argued that this is important because political office holders who serve the country for one to eight years are paid humongous sum of money as gratuity while those who serve country meritoriously for 35 or 40 years or attain the retirement age of 60 or 65 years are denied gratuity.

The Association also deliberated on the worsening insecurity in the country as the almost daily incidences of violence has created a spectre of fear among the citizens in all parts of the country.

 The NEC  called on the federal government to rejig the security architecture in the country and reposition it to meet the aspirations of the citizens.

The National Executive Council commended the Association for the action it has taken so far to strengthen the union to enable it continue the pursuit of members welfare and decision it had taken to ensure that those who wanted to derail the union were shown the way out.

The National Executive Council also ratified the decision of the Central Working Committee  (CWC) of the Association to expell Comrade Bola Audu Innocent from the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria in line with Rule 13(v1) of the Union’s Constitution.

The National Executive Council also ratified the recommendations of the Central Working Committee making the Acting National President, Comrade Tommy Etim Okon, the substantive National President of the Association.

The National Executive Council equally ratified the decision of the CWC on the contract appointment of the Secretary General, Comrade Alade Bashir Lawal till December 2022.

            Secretary General Comrade Lawal.

The National Executive Council in one of its resolutions also resolved to expel any member or staff of the Association found to be relating with expelled Bola Audu Innocent or any other group sympathetic to his cause of plotting to destabilise the union.

It also passed vote of confidence on the national leadership of the union.

Afolabi Oyekunle.