September 29, 2023


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Gospel Artists advise to propagate God,s messages.

Gospel musicians have been urged not to deviate from their callings from God, but use their music to propage the gospel of God,  which is salvation to the people.

Renowned Gospel Artist, a product of Cherubim and Seraphim Zion Worldwide, Evangelist Omotimehin Abiodun Michael, alias Aso Ala, gave the advice while speaking to City Express Correspondent, during his music and prayers ministration, at the 72hours Marratton prayers, organised by The Christ Church of Cherubim and Seraphim Flaming Sword, Bishop David Allen Memorial, behind Segun Odegbami, Sports Academy, Wasimi, Ogun State.

Evangelist Omotimehin said it was a pity that because of money many gospel musicians are propagating wordly vanities and not the salvation,and called those who have strayed away to come back.

He said  many Gospel Musicians are loosing their calling and focus, which may deprive them of Heaven.

        Evangelist Omotimehin Michael.

 The 72 hours marraton prayers featured prayers and music, with annointed men and women of God ministering deliverance and words of God, among whom was Reverend Ope Ogunsanya.

Vicar in charge, Venerable Michael Allen, Archpope, said the yearly marathon prayers started 23years ago, by the founder of the church, Bishop David Allen, to deliver those in demonic bondage, and to offer salvation and blessings.

Choir Ministration at one of the occasion.

Venerable Michael, an annointed Prophet of God stressed  the importance of those in captivity to seek for deliverance, and those whom darkness had stolen from to recover their stolen treasures by fire and force.

Giving the example of David, who pursued the Amalekites to recover his wives, goods and all, as seen in the book of 1st Samuel 30.18

People from different denominations attended the program.