September 29, 2023


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Police Officer in hot soup over allged bribery, complicity and corruption.

The Nigeria police have continually been riddled and ridiculed with complaints of corruption, conspiracy, inefficiency, neglect of duty, misconduct, bias and pervert of Justice.

This time is like “a dog is bitting a dog,” as a woman police Sergeant is accusing  her superior of taking bribes to deny her of Justice.

This case may cause heads to roll in Lagos State criminal investigating department Panti, Yaba.   The woman police who is alleging maltreatment, Sergeant Okunfolarin Ope has petitioned the Lagos State Commissioner of Police, and the Inspector General of Police, accusing newly promoted ASP Oguntoye Olawale attached to Lagos Criminal Investigating department, Panti-Yaba, in Lagos of releasing a suspect, without procedure, One Isiaka Aremu, a driver of a Hilux Ford with registration number AKD7930C who beat  her during a lawful duty, damaging her Nokia handset and shoes.

The newly promoted ASP Oguntoye Olawale has come under interrogation by police authorities at Force provost Marshall, Obalende, Force Headquarters Annex. ASP Usman Yakubu, the Investigating  Police Officer, (IPO) acting for Inspector General of Police, has given Oguntoye Olawale, two conditions to be free from the alleged corruption, complicity, conspiracy, neglect of duty to pervert justice and bias for releasing a suspect without proper bail.

The suspect Mr. Isiaka Aremu was granted bail without proper procedure. Shortly after Sergeant Okunfolarin Ope was discharged from the hospital after serious injuries received as a result of assault from the driver, Isiaka Aremu, the suspect was released .

Sergeant Ope is accusing ASP Oguntoye of releasing the driver without proper record. She said there was no address of the suspect, no surety name on the record.  She said it was the duty of the police to cleanse the society of criminal elements by ensuring justice.

Nigeria Inspector General of Police

Giving background to the case, she said the driver with registration number AKD793DC was stopped by Inspector Alamu Kareem, herself and team leader, ASP Eromosele Victor. She said the driver was questioned where he was going during the Covid 19 period, but could not explained his destination . She said the team leader asked her to take the driver to Agege police station, but the driver refused police order.

Sergeant Ope said the driver instead of driving to the police station headed towards Abeokuta Expressway, Ahmadiyya area, and attempted to push her down from the vehicle. She said the driver then assaulted her inflcting injuries on her.

The Investigating Police Officer, ASP Usman Yakubu has asked Oguntoye Olawale to pay Sergeant Ope for the damaged Nokia phone and shoe totalling 26 thousand naira, but the stubborn Oguntoye Olawale who earlier has agreed to pay has reneged for the past one year.

The husband of the woman police officer, also a police man, Inspector Idehen Christopher  attached to Airport police command has contacted Human Rights Lawyer to take the matter to the Inspector General of Police.