September 27, 2023


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Esan people live in danger, as Aboki riders turn to kidnappers.

By Itaman Sunny

The Hausa motor bike riders in Esan,  Edo State have joined the league of Herdsmen, and Fulani kidnappers in the country. Three bike riders, known as Okada, kidnapped one Vivian Okojie, a student of Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma, on her way to her village, Idumebo, not far from Idumagbo, where she picked an Okada.

The Okada rider diverted to wrong direction inside Ekpoma bush towards Benin road. Right inside the bush, two other young men appeared with dangerous weapons and with AK 47, pointed at the poor student who was helpless and confused.

The three young men were speaking Hausa language among themselves, that was when Vivian Okojie knew that the kidnapped men were Hausa men.

Fortunately, Vivian Okojie understand Hausa language very well. She appealed to the kidnappers that she was a student going to her village to see her parents. Immediately Vivian spoke Hausa language, the kidnappers became cold and friendly to her. That was how Vivian Okojie was set free while other victims were held captive.

Vivian Okojie told City Express News in Ekpoma, that God was with her, and understanding Hausa language was a help. She urged the Edo State government to be alive to the safety of lives and property in the state and keep watch on motorcycle riders.