September 25, 2023


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Arcada Hotel and Suites is the place to be for comfort .

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye
Arcadia Hotel and Suites is one of the most popular Hotels in Lagos. Located at Epetedo, Abaranje,Ikotun.
The hotel provides modern facilities and offer varieties of entertainment. It was set up three years ago.  Arcadia Hotel was at a time the meeting point for top politicians, business executives, entertainers,  nollywood, top footballers and connection center for cool businesses.

A place of comfort for all comers, the hotel has one of the best Nite Clubs in Lagos State. The young General Manager of Arcadia Hotel, Miss. Basirat, daughter of the owner, who is based abroad, is a great woman of purpose and whatever she decides to do, she gives it her best.

A visit to Arcadia luxury apartment and Suites in Abaranje, Ikotun, one is taken away by the serene environment and on entering the lounge, it is simply breath taking.  Not many know that the Chairman of Arcadia Hotel is a lover of arts, this is why the residence has beautiful arts works splashed around. 

The services provided by the highly trained staff are first class, and for those who crave for good services, the rooms are well furnished and affordable.  The hotel has hosted several shows, musical performances and is haven away from home.