September 27, 2023


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How Pastor I.K. is rocking Lagos with miracles.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Pastor I.K. Chukwuma, is a seasoned Man of God been sought after by men and women, Ministers of God, and influential members of the public. He is the Founder and General Overseer of The Lord’s Gracious Deliverance Ministry Incorporation, a.k.a. By Fire By Thunder, located at Jesus Camp, 98/100 Ifelodun Street, Orisunbare, Idimu, in Lagos State.

A prophet of God, whose many prophecies for the year 2021, have come to pass. Little wonder some good sprited Nigerians have appreciated him with cars and landed property, while many have not forgotten to say thank you.

Among his prophecies is that as long as Hausa/Fulani activities are not checked by the government they will continue to unleash terror and oppress the people. He also prophesied that Boko Haram members will be more daring this year, all these are manifesting in our faces.

He talked about cabinet reshuffle, which has come to pass and the continued slide of the Naira against the dollar and other foreign currencies, not to forget his prediction concerning political assassinations.

A man of God with prophetic utterances, no wonder he said, prophecy without solution is an announcement. Pastor Chukwuma and his wife, a prophetess could be best described as a unique couple God is using to decongest the kingdom of darkness. 

Pastor Chukwuma is a man called by God to preach the gospel of truth and bring deliverance to those under bondage of Satan. He is both Prophetic and Apostolic Preacher in this end-time.

He and his wife run a non-governmental organization called Lord’s Gracious Foundation, for widows, orphans and less privileged in the society. The great man of God has touched many lives positively.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with City EXPRESS NEWS, Pastor Chukwuma said he believes so much in miracles, like the days of our Lord Jesus Christ. According to him, “Miracles, signs and wonders are acts of the Holy Spirit in my ministry, which I am thanking God for. God is moving in the midst, so many miracles have occurred here. There was the case of a woman with cancer who received her healing, bind who received healing, a paralystic person who received healing, and many more like that.”