September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

CITY EXPRESS NEWS 2021 Awards: Honourable Prince Idris Balogun nominated as Hospitality Business Man of the year.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
In a World like ours, greatness is desired by all, while some are born great, others hit the fortunate path in the course of life,s struggle. This is the story of a man who was not just born great, but has also widened his horizon to achieve immeasurable greatness.

Indisputably, the society could be categorized into three. The first set of people are those who make things happen, the second comprises those who watch things happen, while the third category consists of people who wonder how things happen or who wonder what happened.

Those who have had close contact with Honourable Prince Idris Balogun, popularly known as ‘Olumo’ would in truth, confirm that he does not belong to the last two categories of mankind who either watch things happen or wonder how things happen.  

Rather Oluomo, appropriately belong to the first category of those who make things happen. 

            Prince Idris Balogun.

Those who know him from childhood testify that he has never let any obstacle stop him from a set objective. Any wonder he has always been an achiever, motivator and a business Mogul.

True greatness consists of the training and discipline of the mind to aim at achieving noble ideals. A hardworking, focused, honest, selfless, compassionate and God fearing man, Honourable Prince Balogun unwavering commitment to the good of the people is largely evident in the positive indelible footprints in hospitality business.

He is a defender of the rights of the common man. He is a moderniser, a source of joy and fountain of hope to hopeless. An extraordinary leader who is much relaxed in the midst of the commoners as well as among his contemporaries, especially political, business and social associates. 
It is an open secret among the class of the less privileged, that Prince Idris Balogun remains a folk hero and living legend. Oluomo has remain committed to these noble fundamental principles of human existence .

Today, I present him as CITY EXPRESS NEWS Hospitality Business Man of the year.