September 29, 2023


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Lagosians condemn police senseless killings, 5 killed over 100 naira bribe.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
The senseless killings by men of the police force took a new dimension early on Thursday, 4th of November, 2021, when 5 people, including a 14years old boy, a vulcaniser lost their lives to police brutality.

The incident which occurred at Army Command Area, Meiran, in Lagos State,  was like a theatre of war, as commercial try tricycle drivers known as Maruwa, refused to pay the police who usually exhorted them of 100naira everyday.
Reports have it that one of the police men killed a Maruwa driver with dagger after he refused to part with 100 naira demanded from him.

The feud which has its roots in the power struggle among the Maruwa drivers, motor bike riders, blew open when some maruwa drivers including korope, motorcyclists riders known as Okada planned not to give the police the usual illegal settlements which degenerated to a face of between police and combined commercial bus drivers resulting into killings of 5 people.

Their refusal resulted into the killing of one Maruwa driver, Rasak and 14years old, fulkanizer apprentice, Ojo, by  the police.

After the policeman stabbed the maruwa driver to death by a dagger, the commercial drivers including Agberos and thugs, mobilized and pursued the policeman who was rescued by an Okada man who hurriedly drove him from the venue. Shortly according to a reliable source, about 25 policemen  arrived the scene with an armoured car shooting sporadically to scare the people.

The caress and senseless shooting resulted to the killing of five people. One concerned Lagosian condemned the killings just because of one hundred naira. According to John Ojo, police have  no right to force commercial drivers to pay one hundred naira each.  Also speaking, Gabriel Ojo, said police are back on the road to exhaust people and harrass in order to collect illegal money.