September 29, 2023


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Ogbu Heart nominated for Humanitarian Man of the year. By City EXPRESS NEWS Archievers Awards.

By Afolabi Oyekunle.

Mr. Ogbu Heart, the Chief Executive Officer of Ogbu Sun Heart Enterprises Nigeria Limited has been nominated by the Awards Planning Commitee of the 11th edition of CITY EXPRESS NEWS Millennium Achievers Awards 2021.

Ogbu Heart is a man whose life is worth celebrating because of his silence, humble and valuable contributions towards the development and promotion of entertainment hospitality business in the country.

He is a leader with a clear vision whose mission is to better and uplift the lots of the people socially and economically even while not compromising his integrity.
The Chairman and Publisher of CITY EXPRESS NEWS/Online TV, Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye said Mr. Ogbu Heart’s humanitarian services have endeared him to his people and beyond Nigeria. He said he is hardworking, determined and result oriented man with great and sincere accessibility to his people. “If there is one rich Benue man in Lagos State, whom his people are well please with, it could only be Mr. Ogbu.

.                      Mr. Ogbu.

Aside Ogbu Sun Heart business enterprises private business ventures, he is also big in Entertainment Hospitality Business.  When the CITY EXPRESS NEWS reporter asked Mr. Ogbu, why, he gave out a car gift to Apostle Godwin Agba (JP) the General Overseer of Fountain of Light Champions Revelation Ministry, he simply said that was part of philanthropist gesture. “Given a car gift to Apostle Agba, was not a big deal, it was God’s directive to do so. I have done a lot to the needy and motherless people, talkless of my own Pastor. If God blesses me, I will do more’ said Mr Ogbu.

He is a great silent achiever, and leader. For these and more, he richly deserves the City EXPRESS NEWS award of Humanitarian Man of the year.