September 27, 2023


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Time for an Esan governor in Edo State—Barrister Ebhojiaye calls for stakeholders support.

As  Nigeria’s political elite and people begin to fine tune their calculations ahead of the year 2023, when the country will embark on yet another round of elections, the vexed question of which geo-political zone of the country deserves to have one of its own to occupy the highest office in the country, the presidency and governorship is gradually coming to the force of  national discourse once again.

The people of the North are still eyeing the presidency, the people of the South East are saying it is our time and South South people are also laying claim to it. 

 In Edo State the heart beat of the nation, Esan people are already drumming the beat to set the ball rolling to make sure an Esan man will be the next Governor of Edo State.
Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye, Chairman and Co-ordinator of United Esan Progressive Edo State Forum, is calling on all the stakeholders scattered in all nooks and crannies of the country to join hands to endorse an Esan man for the next Governor of Edo State.
Barrister Ebhojiaye, a distinguished technocrat actively involved on issues of better Nigeria wants the incumbent Governor of Edo State to keep to his promise and endorse an Esan man as the next Governor of Edo State to avoid controversy and crisis.

“Our Founding Fathers sought a government of character that seeks justice for her citizens as our state is bound together in freedom, peace and unity.” He said.

Speaking to CITY EXPRESS NEWS during the week in Lagos, concerning the political struggles in Edo State, Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye, publisher and chief executive officer of CITY EXPRESS NEWS/Online TV said Governor Godwin Obaseki should remember the sacrifices of members of the People Democratic Party (PDP) candidate in the last election that brought him to power. According to Prince Ebhojiaye, “We led some Esan and  Benin delegates from Lagos to Benin City to rally and mobilised Esan youths and voted for Godwin Obaseki to win.

The United Esan Progressive Forum, a courageous and patriotic citizens of Edo State will be paying courtesy visit to the Edo State Governor to tell him of of our mandate. ” No development yet in Esan land including security.”

Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye believes that for anybody to succed  or be anything on earth, God is always and will ever remain the deciding factor. The people of Esan land has been despaired about the slow pace of progress in their land, while some have given up that progress can come from the present government.

Some believe that if an Esan man has been in government,  Esan land may have been better in terms of development and infrastructure.
According to the erudite human rights activists lawyer  it is discomforting that Esan is facing challenges such as bad roads, unstable electricity, portable water and security challenges.

Barrister Ebhojiaye, United Nations Ambassador of peace, believes the solutions to all these is to have an Esan man as Governor come next election. He is therefore calling on all Esan people to forget their political affliations and look for a worthy Esan personality irrespective of religion, or political affliation and rally round him as the next Governor of Edo State.