September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Synagogue Church sets to reopen on Sunday 5th of December, expects unprecedented miracles galore ! Prophetess Evelyn Joshua.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Prophetess Evelyn Joshua, the new leader of Synagogue Church of all Nations has officially announced the reopening of the Synagogue Church after six months of closure.    The soft spoken woman of God is emphatic that the church will open to the congregation on Sunday.

Prophetess Evelyn Joshua urged every Synagogue Church member to attend the first church service after six months of T.B. Joshua’s death. 

 According to her, ” honestly Nigerian Christians are good and I pray that I will never disappoint them.”

She told CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an interview that the grace of God has not left the Synagogue Church after the death of her husband. “Many people may seen that T.B. Joshua was dead but his sprit lives on.
Going memory lane, the Delta born woman of God, said the Synagogue Church of all Nations has produced many prophets and prophetess through the power of God and annointing on the late prophet T.B. Joshua.

“Today by the Grace of God, the Synagogue Church of all Nations has spread her tentacles to other countries of the World.” She said.

On her experience since the demise of her husband, she recounted the dishonesty of some of the people who conspired to work against her being the leader of the church, and some disciples and junior prophets who wanted to stab her on the back and take the power and leadership of the church from her.

According to her they conspired, broke the strong room and went away with billions of naira. She however commended the EFCC for a good job in recovering some of the money 

Prophetess Evelyn Joshua assured that with God’s grace on her, Synagogues Church of all Nations is set to move forward.