September 26, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes


By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

November 18th 2021 will forever remain an unforgettable day in the minds of many Nigerians, as they were shocked with the sad news of the demise of my beloved sister, Mrs. Rosaline Omoabie Adoh, the woman that sucked the breasts remained for me.

The untimely news of her death filtered in the afternoon around 3pm giving many Nigerians a rude shock as they discovered the silent achiever Rosa as the late husband used to called her has gone to her creator.
This was especially shocking as there was no hint that death was in the corner for the grand mother, great mother who visited her own daughter Martha whose husband’s father passed away and awaiting burial.

She was not so critically ill having left Ubiaja Esan South East to Ugboha in Edo State to see her in law.  She only looked at the obituary poster of her late in law who saved her life when she was seriously sick.

Mrs Roseline Adoh, who was not sick before she left Ubiaja to Ugboha Town was hit by a partial stroke that was unexplainable. Who can explain to me the untimely exit of my adorable, virtue, noble sister?  This is my best compliment to you, my beloved sister, my mentor, and inspirational guidance.  You were very relevant to my life, my family and entire world.

Some came to the world with a different mission and vision but you came to add value to life.  Some came, looked and vanished like a fleeting vapour and their memory was soon erased from the world because they do not make tangible impacts while living.

What a loss, very few came, saw, fought the battle of life and conquered: departing gloriously leaving an indelible land mark even on the sand of time due to weighty contributions they made whilst living. What a gain!.

My great sister Roseline you belonged in the later. Though tides rolled against you and the resistant was so strong, yet you emerged victorious. As a daughter you were a jewel, as a sister an ornament of Gold, as a wife a darling, as a mother you were priceless, as a mentor and boss, a Genius, as a Nigerian, a plus, as an African , a pride, to the world an advantage.  What more can we say===sleep well in the bosom of your Lord and Creator.

The baton you left is in many hands and the fire glows still not only to the physical sights even to the silent minds.
Now you have gone to join our ancestors and my beloved mother Otiti, the great woman, what next?.  Not only does God replaces what He has created and lost by divine call of nature, he upgrades it. Death is a necessary end, it must come when it will come without announcement.  
Hate death, curse it, reject it, when God says it is your turn, no one can stop it.

All we are praying is to depart for the glory of the Lord not to Satanic hands of evil world.  Sister, Rosa, Roseline, Omoabie, remember your senior sister Onoronkpa who is battling with the same sickness. Pray for her for long life, as she is my only sister from the same womb.

Adieu, we all will surely miss your lovely smiles and comfort.