September 27, 2023


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Desperate son colludes with mother: Plans to kill father for marrying second wife.

A retired Chartered Accountant, Mr Joseph Alashe has petitioned the Officer in Charge of Aboru Police post, Lagos State and copied Commissioner of Police, Lagos State on how one of his sons, Mr. Lekan Alashe is after his life because he married a second wife. He also told the police,  his son has been intimidating him and his second wife, Mrs Florence Oluwatoyin Alashe. He was also alleged to have stole his ATM card, and his SIM Card from his phone.

Mr. Alashe accused his son Lekan of denying him the possession of two cars sent to him by his junior brother, Mr. Kunle Alashe based in the United States of America.
Immediately the police visited Mr. Lekan’s house for possible arrest, his wife said his husband went out. After 15minutes there were different calls by Mr. Joseph Abiola Alashe sisters,from Ibadan and Ekiti asking for the reason for his arrest.
 Report revealed,  th e Senior wife, Mrs Florence Bola Alashe now in Canada has been dominating her husband. She has been in Canada over five months staying with her daughter Yetunde who delivered a child in Canada.

The powerful woman has always leave her husband for over a year anytime her daughter delivers a baby.

It was gathered that Mrs Florence Alashe has been conspiring with her children in particular Lekan to be persecuting Mr. Alashe’s second wife, Mrs. Florence Oluwatoyin Alashe.

The marriage between Mr Alashe and his second wife, Oluwatoyin started in 2009 and has continued to wax strong, it is like the match was made in heaven. Many refer to them as the best marriage one can seen in a couple. Both of them have been friends since 2009 and in 2013 a child was born named Serah Oluwafunmilayo Alashe.

The age difference according to Mr Alashe does not matter where there is love. Mr Joseph Alashe is 74 this year, while his graduate young wife, Mrs Florence Oluwatoyin Alashe is 37years, there little daughter Oluwafunmilayo is going to be 9years old in few months time.

Mrs. Oluwatoyin Alashe the second wife is bold and daring in whatever she says.
Mr. Joseph Alashe who has completed his mandatory 35years service meritoriously as a Chartered accountant told  CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an exclusive interview how his own son Lekan has refused to surrender his two cars to him after he helped to cleared them from Apapa wharf.

He said Lekan has been threatened to kill him because he married a second wife after his own mother currently enjoying the comfort of Canada.

According to him Lekan was very bold and arrested my second wife and took him to the police station. It was my in law, the father of my wife who bailed her with 20thousand naira after being in police custody for 2days.

City EXPRESS NEWS correspondent who was at Idimu police station where Mrs Oluwatoyin Alashe was detained gathered that it was one Inspector Ola who detained her without informing the DPO about the case.

Mr Lekan Alashe had told the police that his father, Mr Joseph Abiola Alashe has no right to marry another woman as he did a legal marriage to his mother, Mrs Bola Alashe now based in Canada. He said the court marriage his father did with his second wife was illegal. 

Inspector Ola had warned Mrs Oluwatoyin to deny her husband and the girl little  Sarah Oluwafunmilayo Alashe.
When Mr. Joseph Abiola Alashe came with a human rights lawyer from P.S.I. Ebhojiaye Associates Alpha and Omega chambers, the story of the case was changed in favour of Mrs. Oluwatoyin Alashe and her husband.

It was said that Mr. Lekan Alashe violated the rights of his father and his junior wife. It was also said it was a breach of their fundamental rights. The case reported against Mr. Lekan Alashe at the Aboru police post is still pending while the family of Mr. Joseph Alashe are begging their brother to withdraw the case at the police station.

Mr. Alashe told CITY EXPRESS NEWS that his son Lekan is a greedy person who is conniving with his mother to kill him and take over his four houses, landed properties including two cars.
Mr Lekan told police at Idimu police station that his father has a mental health problem, and immediately his father told the DPO that it was his son that is having mental problems not him. He cursed his son in the presence of the DPO that it shall not be well with him, as he wants him to suffer for his wealth. 

The 74 years old Mr Alashe also told CITY EXPRESS NEWS his life is in danger, as his senior wife Mrs Bola and her son Lekan with one little girl planted in house promised  to poison his food in order to kill him. According to him the girl is the informant planted in his house to give information to them.