September 26, 2023


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Servant Victor David marks birthday in a unique way.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Many of the church members were already in the church unaware that their General Overseer, God’s servant was a year older that day, Sunday 23rd January 2022, when suddenly it came to their knowledge that the day was the birthday of Servant Victor David, the quiet, energetic, General Overseer Christ Chosen Tabernacle, Sango Otta.

It was a surprised package to the congregation who witnessed a very low keyed birthday celebration. The people were full of joy as they celebrated the day with the man of God. They all have food to eat and drinks.
In a surprise package for the day, Servant David offered free medical services to all.
Members were offered free massaging services, free blood pressure test , weight test, and to cap it they were offered free three months training in computer and 
catering services and those who have not done their national identity card were helped to register. 

Speaking on his unique way of celebrating his birthday, Servant David said God has been good to him in many ways and he has to pay back to the society.

The cleric whose ministry covers, prophetic, deliverance, healing and salvation of souls told CITY EXPRESS NEWS that God ‘arrested’ him while cleaning the toilets at Redemed Christian Church of God, an encounter that changed his life.

Servant David whose ministry has 
affected thousands of people around Ogun State, Lagos State and Delta State his place of birth said during his encounter with God many things were revealed to him. 

Servant David enjoined church members to have absolute faith in God, drawing reference from the word of God in Deuteronomy 29: 29 “the secret of things belong to God.”

.        A joyful Servant of God, God’s General Victor David.

He said God’s judgement is coming on Nigeria and the world at large. The man of God revisited his wasted years in the wilderness playing reggae music and dancing for the unbelievers.

According to him, the very day he encountered God in the toilet his life was transformed. This  can only be God, as the Bible says when he ascended on to heaven, he gave gifts unto men.
He said he was not surprised as his delayed in the wilderness was the way God has been preparing for his call.

Everything about Servant Victor David has been mystery, his birth and his walking as a baby.