September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

Human Rights Defender of Masses, Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye declares support for an Esan person to rule Edo State.

The  United Nations peace ambassador and Human Rights Activist Lawyer, Barrister Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye(JP) has decried the way things are going in Edo State and in Nigeria, with increase rate of crime, poverty, unemployment, and kidnapping.

He said many Nigerians are now frustrated and are leaving the country in doves, while many have decided to stay abroad permanently.

The Lawyer and Human Rights Activist has been a major player to see to fairness, justice and enthronement of democracy. A fearless journalist who has been detained several times, has recorded many daring adventures often times stunning observers and proving time and again that he who dares wins.

.          Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Sunny Ebhojiaye was in the forefront of activism in his early years at the University of Lagos and helped founded the forerunner of organised groups known as Centre for Human Rights Enlightenment and Conflicts Mediation.

He was a junior legal luminary in Gani Fawehinmi Chambers and rose from grass to grace. It was at the Abuja law school that the International Human Rights Commission based in Geneval, Switzerland recognised him and some of his colleagues.  Though he was hounded due the time of President Ibrahim Babangida and late General Sani Abacha, the International Human Rights Commission was always there to fight for him.

He is in the forefront as a lawyer to lay a solid foundation for Esan people. He is an example of how a non-partisan can still make a mark as much, if not more than a politician. Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye, born 1st October 1960 is a man of colours who has made emancipation of Nigerians his life long struggle.

As a journalist he was the pioneer to write about female football in Nigeria, first to write genesis of female football and covered the first female football world cup in China in 1981 and first Nigerian to covered the war in Liberia, thus known as Ecomog Reporter.

Everything about Sunny is always first, maybe because he was born on Nigeria’s independence day. He told CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an exclusive interview that he is ready to contribute his quota to the development of Esan land, Edo State and Nigeria in general.

He speaks more in this question and answer dialogue.

What do you expect from Governor Godwin Obaseki Legacy?

Answer: What Esan people want from Governor Obaseki is to endorse an Edo Central person to succeed him, and if he does he will carve his name in  gold.

Qst. How can Esan speaking community of Edo state of Nigeria, National Forum profers solutions to insecurity in Edo State.

Answer:  We will contribute our quota to ensure there is peace and tranquillity.

Qst. What are your fears for Edo Central to choose the right person for the position of Governor in 2023.

Our fear is that we have many qualified candidates. However any candidate from Edo Central that does not have the vision and mission will not be allowed. Some Edo state gladiators may want to hijack our mission to settle old scores.

Qst. You have been a journalist for 25 years and in legal practice for a decade, are you abadoning your profession for politics.

Answer: Contrary to what many may think, I am human and I have my fears too. However I have many qualified journalists working for News Express Newspaper and City EXPRESS NEWS magazine that can do the work in my absence. In my law firm, P.S.I. Ebhojiaye Associates Alpha and Omega Chambers, we have experience lawyers who can work without supervision. Frankly speaking, I have been in the forefront to battle oppression and injustice, however I am equal to the task of new developments.

Qst: What programmes do your committee have for the actualization for an Esan candidate to emerge come 2023.

Answer. The National working committee has set up several committes for the actualization of Edo Central candidate come 2023 with involvement of Radio, Television, Newspapers and magazines to propagate our objectives. According to Mahatma Ghandi, the legendary Indian nationalists and philosopher, politics without principles, wealth without work, commerce without  morality, pleasure without conscience, science without humanity and worship without sacrifices are all in vain.