September 29, 2023


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Anun is possess of evil sprit. Joseph Alashe.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.
Mr. Joseph Abiola Alashe is an accomplished chartered accountant and civil servant, all his life he behaves true to type in terms of diligence, assiduity, objectivity, thoroughness and accountability.

Joseph Alashe said Miss Anu, a 14 years old girl who allegedly stole a hand set phone from his apartment is control by an evil sprit.  In an exclusive interview with City EXPRESS NEWS, he said that the girl had several times taken his handset and money without his concent. According to him, the teenager is not only a witch, thief but agent of death.

He said his son Lekan has succeeded in poisoned the mind of the little girl in order to harm him. ” Why is Lekan desperate to kill me, marrying second wife, when and where is it  an offence in this country”, Why is he claiming my properties while I am still alive?, he queried.

I have refrained from engaging my son, Lekan and my first wife, Mrs. Florence Alashe despite there gross provocations against me. I have deliberately remain distant and quiet, ignoring the stark obscenities of a desperate and obsessed man. Mr Alashe further said that his life is in danger, likewise his second wife.

One woman Inspector Ola has not stopped threatening his wife and his lawyer. The woman police has invited his wife to the Idimu police division headquarters. She told Mrs. Oluwatoyin Alashe that her DPO wanted to see her on Thursday 3rd February 2022 because of publication in social media reported about the case. City EXPRESS NEWS gathered that DPO has already said the case is a civil one and family issue.

The life of Mr. Joseph, his wife and lawyer are being threatened, unknown callers with private numbers to the lawyer have never ceased. The sisters of Mr Joseph Alashe have been antagonistic against him because he reported his son Mr. Lekan to Aboru police post, Lagos State.

Mrs. Theresa Alashe, the junior sister of Mr. Joseph Alashe has gone ahead to offend his brother going to his house at Abaranje in Ikotun area to retrived a letter served by his lawyer to the tenants which is very wrong and slap on the face of his brother, the owner of the house.

Mr Joseph who has given power of attorney to his lawyer to act on his behalf has vowed to fight anyone who asked him to abandon his second wife and his little daughter. He said posterity will judge Lekan and Anun for evil deeds.