September 27, 2023


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Obaseki’s successor must be an Esan, says Sunny Ebhojiaye.

By Afolabi Oyekunle
Seevice to humanity comes in different forms. It often goes beyond personal interest and individual accomplishment. This succinctly captures the understading of the world ‘serve’ for Barrister Sunny Ebhojiaye. Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye is one of the few illustrious sons of Esan land in Edo state committed to see an Esan person becomes Governor of Edo state come 2023.

He is the coordinator/Convener of Esan speaking community of Nigeria, United Esan Progressive and organiser of Esan hospitality business awards. Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye is a man with vast literacy acumen and has written four books on different gennes. They include Genesis of female football, Most influential 100 men of God in Nigeria, Biography of prophet T.B. Joshua, and the Man who sees tomorrow.

The technocrat told CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an exclusive interview at his Lekki office in Lagos that Esan people of Edo Central have been marginalized and he does not want such to continue. He said that this is the time to rebuild Esan land as the past leaders have failed.

Prince Ebhojiaye, Barrister and Human Rights Activist.

Ambassador Ebhojiaye who is a one man riot squad,  wants to tilt humanity towards God and progress of Esan land, however this time he is not fighting alone. He is the Coordinator/Convener of Esan speaking community of Nigeria that is at forefront to bring the dream of Esan man as Governor come 2023 into reality.

According to him, he is not thinking of going into politics, because what he is doing is more than politics, as his desire is to champion the cause of his people and deliver them from marginalisation in the politics of Edo state.

The political stability of Edo State is resting on the pillars of the power sharing formula at the state level between the Edo South and the north leaving Edo Central in the dark. In the Edo state’s political history, Edo Central Esan extraction are politically marginalised without congent reasons.
  It is the business of little minds to shrink, but he whose heart approves his conduct will pursue his principle unto death.  

In every generation there are a few people in whom had met the sprit and power of patriotism coupled with wisdom and political leadership. He said he is out to champion the cause of his people and see them in the forefront of politics in Edo state.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye said with what the Esan people have done in the past, Governor Obaseki   needs to support an Esan person as his successor. He noted that when the former APC Chairman  Adams Oshiomhole ganged up against him during the gubernatorial election, the Esan people rallied around him and voted for him, noting that he must recipocate the good gestures.

Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye believes that with an Esan person as Governor in 2023, the issue of marginalisation would be resolved.