September 29, 2023


A breaking news heritage! a cast of heroes

I am the authentic Eze Ndi-gbo of White Sand of Lagos State. Kingsley Nwosu.

By Prince Sunny Ebhojiaye.

Service to humanity comes in different forms, it often goes beyond personal interest and individual accomplishment. By every standard HRH Kingsley Nwosu is a man whose life is worth celebrating because of his silent, humble and many contributions towards the development of his domain, White Sand of Lagos.

He is a leader with  clear vision whose mission is to  better and uplift the lots of his people, socially and economically even while not compromising his integrity

.          Eze Kingsley Nwosu.

Igwe Nwosu’s humanitarian services have endeared him to his people . He is hardworking, and result oriented with many laurels in his kitty including 2020 Leadership award for best Igwe of the year.

His royal highness, Kingsley Nwosu Eze Ndi-Igbo of White Sand, told CITY EXPRESS NEWS in an exclusive interview at his White Sand royal palace that he is the only recognised and authentic Eze Ndi-Igbo of White Sand, and he has a certificate from Ohanaeze of Lagos State.

He expressed his gratitude to HRM Dr. Eze Lawrence, the Ezedioranma 11, Eze Ndigbo of Alimosho LGA for what he has done. According to Eze Nwosu there has been many challenges, particularly in the country in the area of security, poor economy and recent fuel crises.

He identify poor supply of electricity as a problem in his area.”NEPA has been our problem in White sand area, as there is no regular light supply, he said”.

Eze Nwosu commended the Igbo communities in Lagos State for coming together in love and cooperation. ” There was a time when Igbo people in Lagos were ignored but now there is a wider audience as they strive for greatness as they celebrate their culture constantly every year known as New Year festival.
According to him, it is also a period of recognition, reconciliation, renewal and review of our culture.

Igwe Nwosu said his main priority is to make sure White Sand people are united, progressive and live in peace.
He said there is no more power tussle in White Sand between him and Sir Steve Dike Ezeudo of White Sand.

We are all working towards one goal. I am the Eze Ndigbo of white sand while Sir Steve Dike is the Ezeudo. We cannot have two Eze Ndigbo in White Sand, he concluded.